Nov 22
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 I did it! I ran away from home. I wonder what my parents are thinking. I hope they are full on freaking out. Last time I ran away from home, it only took them 30.567 seconds to find me. That is one of the cons about being a five year old girl in this day and age. It’s not like I’m allowed to drive anywhere. Anyways, I didn’t even make it a block away from home before I stopped running, started crying, ate all of my rations (a peanut butter and jelly sandwich), and then my parents took me home. But this time will be different, I just know it. Wait a second, I forgot my toothbrush! How am I supposed to survive on my own without my toothbrush? That means I have to buy a new one at the department store 10 blocks away. I can’t go that far. I’ll just start crying like last time. Too late. The hot tears are running down my cheeks just as I have an amazing idea! I’ve only been gone a minute. So what if I just go home, grab my toothbrush, and then run away. Besides, does it even count as running away if your parents don’t even know you’re gone yet? Nope I don’t think it counts. I have to head home right now. Once I have my toothbrush I will run away… for real this time.
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