Nov 25
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Is it the Right Choice?

“You can have one wish to change something that has happened today.” The Angel said, hovering above me. 

    I thought quickly about everything that has happened today. There are so many things I wanted to change. Like how Alec had died and Isabel was sick and all of the children who had rushed into the realm unskilled to fight the demons. 

    “You don’t have that much time.” The Angel warned me. 

    I shook my head trying to think of the thing I wanted most. And then it hit me. To make all of this stop I need to make it all go away. But was it worth it? To lose all of my friends and this whole magical world that no one knew about to save humans. Could I do that to myself? Make everyone else safe and happy while I was here with no one anymore. But wait. 

    There was one more thing. I could separate the worlds instead of ending this one. 

    “Okay. I think I have my wish.” I took a deep breath. “I want to separate the worlds.”

    “Are you sure?” The Angel asked. 

    “Yes,” I whispered.

    The Angel nodded his head and suddenly the would lit up so bright I had to close my eyes so I would not be blinded and hope that I had chosen the right thing to do over. 

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