Nov 25

The beauty in shattered glass:

today I found 
out you have brown eyes 

brown eyes and brown hair 
and a smile like sunshine 
and god I'm going to cry 

because its not fair 
that every so often a star dies 
and nobody knows 

and I wonder if it feels 
lonely or if it is ready or 
if it wishes on the moon

the plans for the universe is 
a five thousand page book filled with the word 
imperfection over a million times 

the sun fell from the sky 
and onto my head last night 
while I was sleeping 
and I woke up blind and burning 
and the universe is black but also 
made of light 

and life was an accident 
and you're made of mistakes 
and that's okay 

because the moon is covered 
in craters but still takes up the whole 
night sky