Nov 26
poem 0 comments challenge: Do-Over

You (Can) Redo

"I wish, that I could turn back time.."
                                           "..cos now the guilt is all mine.."
              "..can't live without the trust from those you love.."
             - ARIANNE, "Komm süßer tod"

given the chance, i think
to go over and do something again, 
i believe that i'd let my ex off more gently,
be kinder to him and myself
what happened was inevitable,
but the least i could do is smooth the cracks
and give a soft place to fall
for i believe that he would need it more
i don't think i would change the outcome of us
for he shaped me and i shaped him
into who we are today
but, he could do without the suffering i caused
i am not a guiltless, sinless being
and i never will be
but, if i could
i would right the wrongs i gave him.