Nov 26
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A trip back to kindergarten

If I had a chance for a do over I would go back to kindergarten because I really liked kindergarten. Mrs.Lantman is my favorite teacher so far. Also, I would start all the school years over again, so I don’t have to graduate from this school.      

  I also think kindergarten was cool and fun because we had easy homework. We had things like coloring our syaballs like a, apple, ah. I also liked Fundations because it had a lot of fun things like writing a sentence and drawing a picture with it. We also had time to go outside after snack. Also, we had some choice time after recess and before specials everyday.

 Our classroom had a kitchen play thing and a spot where we had morning meeting and reading time. We had a spot in class where we had Fundations. There was a teacher’s desk and a smartboard. We also had a sink and a water fountain. Oh, and we had a spot for an easel and a spot for our essential question. Then we had a carpet in the middle of the floor for math and centers and other things.

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