Nov 26
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My Dog Marley

                                                                                         My Dog  Marley
Hi, I am Cowboycmar. My dog Marley was a beagle and she had to be put down last year because of cancer. It is a permanent effect because she is permanently gone. 

I miss her and her fur was soft. I swore she could read my mind. She was so fun to take on walks and car rides. She was so awesome!! She understood me and she was the only dog who could be put on a leash. She would run off sometimes but we would always find her. We had to hook her to the clothes’ line so she would not run off into the woods. She was also my grandma’s dog's best friend. They would run and play together in and outside. She would be so happy to go on walks. She was the most cheerful dog I have ever had!

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