Nov 27
poem 0 comments challenge: Do-Over
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Moving On

I wish…
I wish I had worked harder

To achieve my goal.
I wish I was nicer.
I wish I spent more time with them,

Before they left me.
I wish I could go back and just cherish that moment.

Go back and erase all the stress so I could just enjoy it. 
Take back my stupid decision, 

do the right thing.
I don’t have one thing I regret,

I have millions.
I think about it all the time.

A heavy weight crushing me down.

Restricting my breathing, a pit in my stomach.
Or is it regret.
I want to change everything,

But I know I can’t.
Instead I beg for forgivness from others,
From myself.

I can’t go back and make it right.
I tell myself you can’t be perfect.
You can’t control everything.
You are human, you make mistakes.

Now move on.

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