Nov 29

I will never be the same

    I will never be the same.
It all started that afternoon, when my entire life went down the drain. I was on my way home when I got the call. I picked up my phone to my mom telling me to get home, right away. I rushed home and walked inside, she immediately sat me down and said she needed to talk.
“I can’t take care of you anymore.” she said it so calmly. I didn’t understand.
“I won't take care of you anymore.” She was starting to get angry. I was scared. What was happening?
“Get out, now.” I was kicked out. I don't know why, she had never acted like this before. Why now? I ran up to my room while she chased after me screaming at me to leave her house, I was scared for my life. She was threatening me. I grabbed the biggest backpack I could find and started putting some of my stuff in it, some clothes, my phone and charger, a toothbrush, and a blanket, I also grabbed some food and water. My mom was about to break the lock on my door trying to get in, what was wrong with her? Before she could get in, I opened my window and left everything behind, my entire life, gone.
    My life will never be the same.

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