Nov 29
poem 0 comments challenge: Do-Over
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A do-over is tempting, 
I could change a previous relationship,
that ended in heartbreak.
I could have taken risks I avoided in the moment.
I could have voiced what was on my mind,
instead of holding it in.

There are many “I could haves,”
yet, I would not give in to these temptations. 
The heartbreak,
the risks both taken and avoided,
and the words held in, 
are all why I am who I am today.

If I chose to do-over my heartbreak,
I would not have learned the valuable lessons I did.
Small do-overs could put my life onto a different track.

Although life is hard at times,
everything happens for a reason.
While the reason may not be known to you at the time, 
it could shape you as a person.  

Everything that has happened in my life
has made me, me. 
So do-overs are not an option.
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