Dec 01

Note To self:

how do I explain 
how it feels to fall together 

how every step I take 
is fueled by doubt and 

the sky opened up 
in my chest and suffocated 
the birds in my stomach 

and last night I fell together 
behind walls made of brick and 
I screamed while second guessing 
every feeling spilling out of 
my chest 

and I fell in love 
with the ocean and 
it swallowed me whole and 

my feet are worn down 
to nothing at all 

and I love with my toes 
and worry with my hips and 
doubt with my finger tips 

but if you watch 
the stars for long enough 
they too begin to rust 
and fade 

I fell together and 
then apart again 
and decided that I like being 
a little bit broken 

because beauty doesn't mean