Dec 03

Start listening

Climate change is the most pressing issue right now. I think that solving climate change seems unachievable to lots of people because it is a huge concept that not many people bother to break down into swallowable chunks. They are scared because the task seems so daunting and they decide that if they can’t solve the whole problem overnight they might as well not do anything at all.

But here’s the thing, you don’t need to start with refreezing the polar ice caps or stop everyone cutting down the Amazon Rainforest. Imagine if everyone in your town carpooled more often so instead of ten people in ten cars, it would be ten people in two cars.

You might not think that would make much of a difference but it would pollute the air that much less, which is getting us somewhere. Mother Earth has been telling us for a while now that something needs to change and we don’t have time to look past that anymore.

So let’s start listening.