Dec 04

Xmas wait

There's over 2 weeks until Christmas and I can hardly wait. We put up our tree yesterday and even got to put ornaments on it. Our house is covered from head to toe with Xmas decorations and so are we. I wake up every morning in my nutcracker pajamas and go downstairs to the tree were I eat my breakfast. Then, I get ready and go to school. At school, thoughts of presents, cookies and Christmas trees fill my head. The weekdays seem to last forever; and then it’s Xmas break.

 I can hardly control myself. I’m singing Xmas carols every second, and I just can't wait. I go to parties and make presents and even bake cookies with my sister who’s 15. I go skiing, sledding and skating. I think it’s my favorite time of the year. 

On Christmas Eve, we watch Home Alone and I laugh a ton.  The next morning I wake up and rush to the living room to see the presents under the tree. The light shines through the window and casts an angelic glow over the room. My presents are great and I have a jolly good time. All the cookies are gone and so are the carrots for the reindeer. After the great time, I feel a pang of sadness that the holidays are over but then I remember that it's just 1 more year until the next Christmas!

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