Dec 05
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Why Wait

Everybody always has something to wait for. College, vacations, holidays. It seems as though we spend so much waiting that we surpass all other moments of life. We wait for Christmas and don’t take time to appreciate Thanksgiving. We need to stop waiting for the good moments, and just live our lives. Those specific moments won’t always be good, so stop expecting them to be. Live in the moment. Make everyday worth living. Stop waiting for days that might never come. Stop holding back, be spontaneous, and enjoy the people around you. A couple years ago I couldn’t wait for my siblings to leave the house, for me to be the only one at home. Now I wish I hadn’t taken it all for granted. I miss them so much. Obviously I can’t take back the past, but I do make sure to cherish every moment I get with them. Stop thinking about what’s to come and take in what’s happening in the present. Live life with no regrets. Stop waiting.

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