Dec 05

social media ;

this is an assignment for my psychology class.

i don't think it that bad,
but that's just me
perhaps it's just a fad
we shall see

a place for me to post my writing
a place to like others
maybe it's not exciting
but to me and my brothers

i can look at art
i can look at those that
you can't tell apart
from characters; they don't fall flat

but i know that some
find themselves 
coming undone

they see women, men
looking so great
again and again
and it is themselves they learn to hate

for they are not them,
those models and actors
they're people, thinking themselves dumb
because they do not look like them.

or, sometimes
people will cry themselves to sleep
for people, oftentimes, are so 
terrible that they can do nothing but weep

attacking, scathing
comments that wouldn't be said face-to-face
trying to see the good but failing
and all one can do is delete, erase

but it doesn't help
those words stick forever.