Dec 06
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Working with My Grandfather

Every Wednesday I go to my grandfather’s house, and we do some work. Sometimes we burn brush, but other times we stack wood for the winter. Some times in the fall, we make apple cider. And if we still have good pears, we add them to make it sweeter. The process of making apple cider is simple. One person puts the apples in the top, and the other person turns the wheel, which smashes it. Then the smashed apples go to the bucket below. When the bucket is filled, you turn the crank on top. The apples are squeezed, and the juice goes down into the hole that leads to the bowl. The last step is to filter it. It is hard work to turn the crank for the apple cider so we switch every couple of minutes. That is an act of generosity.

I think that there are two acts of generosity. One, I am willing to help him with chores that need to be done. Second, he is willing to teach me. My grandfather could tell me to do it and most l likely let me get it wrong, but instead, he takes the time to teach me how to do it. It feels nice to help someone.  I do not think that it matters how you are helping.

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