Dec 06
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As a child,
the days leading up to Christmas morning were…
I couldn't wait to open the presents and see what santa chose for me. 
Christmas Eve was near a sleepless night. 
With so much excitement, my siblings and I couldn't rest. 
Bright in the morning, we made our parents coffee and waited with our stocking. 
As a child, Christmas was about santa, and the presents. 

Now, Christmas has a different meaning to me. 
It isn't exactly the same, as a few of the pieces to our family puzzle are gone. 
However, Christmas now means time with my family that I see daily,
and the ones I don't see as often.
Christmas is about the laughs, hugs, and even little arguments. 
The Christmas spirit overwhelms me now. 
I constantly feel warm and loved. 
Christmas to me, now that I’m wiser,
 is about time with the ones I love most . 
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