Dec 06
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I Can’t Stand The Wait

I get my advent calendar and start the countdown 

Naturally, I eat all of the chocolate on the first day

It’s the thought that counts anyways
I can’t stand the wait!

For good food

Good presents 

Good people 

For Christmas 
It seems my entire world revolves around the fact that Christmas is on its way

The same way the Earth revolves around the sun 

Making our planet cold to the touch with mounds of fluffy snow

Dulling all noise of the outdoors to a slight murmur 
Leaving a thick blanket of darkness in the winter sky

Complete and utter blackness by 6:00 pm
The world is aiding Santa Claus on his journey

Helping him camouflage 

Helping him deliver immeasurable amounts of presents to little boys and girls

All around the world
I wonder if they hate waiting as much as I do

I want to be wide awake on Christmas Eve night 

Wearing my snowflake pajamas 

Thinking about the stocking stuffers and Cinnabons of the next morning 

that night seems years away

For now I am simply waiting 



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