Dec 07

the modern snow queen.

my woes
and tiny joys 
blend together 
into weeks
fading in and out of focus
through my eye's made of camera lenses
I find peace
in the void of insanity
filling my life with odd objects
and half-finished paintings
relfections of my imperfections
made pretty with words
funny with tone
and heartbreaking with tune
but nobody hears
they're all turning deff ears 
on my thoughts and feelings
pretending they can't see them 
they are right in front of you
written all over my face
in the sharpie of expreshions
but you can't seem to see it
so I lay here
on the floor
my dreams crushed like glass bottles
into the sand you walk upon
my name 
said like like you didn't really want to talk to me
your just bored and mine as welll
the snow falls
like ash
coating my world in a blanket of white
the window is frosted a bit,
you can see the seperate crystls growing 
oh so slowly they progress
until my heart 
is to, entangled in this mess of cold "perfectoin" 
the frost bite leaves it
so I canott feel the pain anymore
my tears are not dried
but frozen
clinging to my face
as a reminder of who I am 
but the pain is gone
and that's all I care about now.