Dec 11

lighting the tree

blinking at me
weary from their year long slumber
I look up 
at the dark green 
pine scented 
and smile
from my position on the floor
it looks like I could be in a forest
with a sky made of cream, ceiling paint, clouds
and a small fluorescent sun
the lights blink again
and one burns out 
leaving us behind
never again to see 
presents nestled beneath it's pine branch perch
I unscrew it 
and put it aside
sighing when I see all the others 
that need to retire
from their joy bringing posts
upon our christmas tree
I choose another string of lights 
and am very pleased 
to find all in working order
soon, they will be gently tucked into the greenery 
and nestled next to their ornament compadrés 
among an occasional candy cane
until they are all wrapped around the tree
igniting the fire of christmas 
and feeding it joy
as the children play in and around it
and staring 
awed at this fanciful tree.