Dec 11
farmer boy's picture


I have reverence for farm animals and farm equipment, like tractors, combines, farm implements, pigs, and cows. They make everyday life a lot easier. Farm animals produce a lot of meat, eggs, and manure. The manure helps vegetable gardens, corn fields, and flower gardens grow better. I also have reverence country music. I think country music makes time go by a little bit. Most farmers listen to country music. I really enjoy listening to country music. It sometimes helps me work a little better. It also gives me something to look forward to at school. When I am working in the hay field with the tractor, which is very loud, I listen to country music to help with the noise. We have a lot of farm animals at our house and I reverence all of them except the chickens. I reverence the pigs and cows the most because they are my favorite farm animals.