Dec 11
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Emergency Button

I walk down the halls of the apartment building until I get to the beautiful glass elevator. I step inside and realise it’s crowded. There’s silence until someone says, “I bet you’re wondering why I called you here today.” He then presses the emergency stop button and the elevator stops.
A woman holding her child sort of shouts, “Why did you do that, you idiot?” Her child starts crying and I can see people stopping on their way to work or whatever to stare at us, the idiots stuck in the elevator.  The alarms go off and I just close my eyes and slide onto the floor, hugging my knees as the child continues crying, people argue, and alarms blare on. 
I just sit and wait until the alarm guy looks at me and picks me up. I stare back while he holds me by the neck of my shirt. He then throws me out of the elevator. People outside stare again as I continue to plummet towards the ground, and when I think I’m close to hitting the ground, nothing happens. 
I close my eyes and wait for the feeling of impact, but nothing happens. When I finally open my eyes, I’m on the ground and someone asks, “Are you okay?” I reply, “I’m fine,” and walk to school. When I go to school, I tell my friends about what happened as they stare, mouths open in shock. 
The next day, I go back to the elevator. Alarm guy’s there again, but I just ignore him. When I get to the main floor, I walk out  but he follows me. I run, feet pounding on the pavement, until I get to the school. I hide behind the trash disposals and just wait.
I can hear his footsteps getting closer. So I close my eyes and just hope that whoever he is will give up. But I can actually see his feet going closer to the trash disposals. I try to be silent while the guy gets closer and closer until he's also behind the garbage disposals. He gets close to me and whispers in my ear, "Boo."