Dec 11
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My Favorite Musician. R.I.P.

My favorite artist is the late rapper Juice WRLD. He sadly passed away from suffering a seizure at Midway airport in Chicago, Illinois on December 8th, 2019 at the age of 21. He was very talented and his career was cut way too short. Rest in peace Juice WRLD. He made music that was both melodic and lyrical. His music sounds like if The Beatles could rap. He made music for all moods, If you were feeling sad and wanted something to relate to you could listen to Robbery or All Girls Are the Same, If you wanted to turn up you could listen to Maze or Armed and Dangerous. And if you wanted to just chill you could listen to End of the Road or Hurt Me. Juice WRLD is the medium of all genres of music. I got some of my friends who don’t like rap to like his music and listen to it frequently. He is an artist that has a song for everyone.  His song Rider on his latest album Death Race for Love makes me feel like I'm speeding through the desert, plateaus and butes on all sides of me, No one but me, myself and I. The guitar riff repeatedly playing mixed with the beat makes me feel like I'm drifting around corners of a desert canyon whenever the beat rises and drops. Juice WRLD’s music just makes me feel happy and calm. I'm sure that his music can help everyone in one way or another.

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