Dec 12
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Jarad A Higgins aka Juice WRLD was an honest music artist who sang and rapped about his heartbreak and how he dealt with drug addiction to try and get over it. On his song ‘Legends’ he raps about how we’ve lost so many young artists, directly talking about Lil Peep, a rapper that died in 2017 to a drug overdose and XXXTENTACION who died in 2018 when he was shot in his car. He raps about how people have started to call him a legend, and how people who are called legends tend to die young. On 12/8/19 Juice WRLD unfortunately died from a seizure after getting off his plane at the age of 21. On songs like ‘Long Gone’ he raps about the good times with his ex and how even though his ex left him he still loves her, which could be used now that he has left us and for his fans, even though he is gone we will always love and play his music. R.I.P. Juice WRLD. Listening to Juice WRLD’s music makes you feel bad for him but at the same time feel sad for yourself, even if you haven’t experienced the heartbreak he talks about you still feel like you have. 

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