Dec 12

My Soaked Tee-Shirt

The sun hid.
And I, a petulant child, chased after him, 
in hopes I could bask in his warmth and be stripped of my sin.  
I ran and ran, but my legs gave up. 
I wish that I could have been fast enough,
and the clouds always engulf him in time.
Leaving me stranded in this bleak state of mind

Without the sun, the sky grew dark. 
So she gathered grey clouds to bury her busted broken heart 
But her pain seeped through, I felt it on my head.
I cursed the sun for the way he had misled
her and left her feeling empty. 
But he kept hiding, the sun had no empathy. 

The sky cried. 
It began as a silent weep but moved to a scream
that woke me from my sleep. 
Thunder that could be heard for miles, 
but all I could do was listen to her upended smiles.  
I tried to soak up her sadness, and carry away her tears,
But I could never have enough tee-shirt I fear.

I had help from the ground though. He did his best.
But the ground is never strong enough, and he always lets 
go of her sadness.
And in turn, the ground would burst
And I’d pick up the pieces,
Saying “I’m sorry, I know this hurts.”

The ground bled.
I noticed it first on my feet. 
It wasn’t red, like the blood I’m used to watching seep 
from me,
whenever I would skin my knee. 
The ghastly gashes all over the hillside 
Were thick, and reminded me of mine.
I did my best to patch the wounds, but now I’ve seen,
It’s often hard to patch the wounds inside the seams

And so I stood. 
I stood and watched this masterpiece, 
and though the tears kept falling, with my sweat, down to my feet,
and though the ground kept bleeding, and screaming defeat.
All along the sun was gone, I was deprived of his heat.
And so I stood,
bruised, bloody, and hurt,
but finally at peace in my soaked tee-shirt.