Dec 12
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Music Is The Master


It makes me feel something more than myself 
Like when the symphony of a violin builds in a song

 I want to fly straight up into the atmosphere and look down at our planet and feel bigger than life itself

When I hear a broken voice next to a melancholy piano

It feels like I am a chalice and someone is sipping life itself from my veins

And leaving behind nothing but tears dripping in silver from my cerulean eyes
A string of lyrics that draw pictures in my mind

Scribbling all of life’s emotions onto a blank sheet of parchment
The bass dropping like rain into a puddle 

Compelling me to dive in and get lost in the music
It is difficult for me to think of one kind of music I adore

Because it isn’t about the genre for me.

It is about the instrumental genius and poetic lyrics

They make me spin out of control in the best way imaginable
Music is not only an art 

But the master of the human race
It sculpts our life from the time we are young, to when we pass on

It has us pinned to a poetry wheel like a chunk of clay 

Beating us down and then building us back up again

Molding our thoughts and emotions 

to create a masterpiece. 
We have an odd relationship with song as humans

We are the masterpiece in progress 

But music is also the masterpiece of the human race

Our greatest creation

It is a holy bond that seems to be unbreakable

Like that of the sun and the moon

It has the power to make everyone feel everything 

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