Dec 12

Confusions of Feelings

You say your not a romantic but all the songs you listen to are about love.
You say you don't like anyone the way feelings sometimes do,
yet every time I look at you... your looking back at me.
You say you hate poetry, you don't understand it but for some reason you listen
to me behind the door to a room that might as well be a deep blue like
your eyes and my eyes and sometimes I get distracted...

Sometimes words still fail me, sometimes I still wake
up and wonder if this life I've lived was a dream...
You say you don't feel those icky wicky feelings and be those gross thoughts
yet you understand me when I explain my heart to you...
How more difficult can it be to take on yours?
What heavier cargo could you hold other then my poetry?
What childish flirtation could bring me to letting go of this fire.

The sea is also a fat woman, beautiful as well as the new moon.
Her body is natural, she knows her body is not meant
to be anything else is she so wishes to be her way
Do not be ashamed if you see a piece of your heart within her big one,
It is not shameful.