Dec 12
poem 0 comments challenge: Tomorrow

The Apocalypse

Tomorrow, I hope you never come.
Because with the rise of the sun, comes the fall of something greater.
When the time grows later our fate becomes fainter,
And I’m not ready to face the fear that lies ahead.
10:38 p.m.
Tomorrow, my whole world will burn to ash.
Gone with a gentle blow of wind, it all will pass.
Everyone has heard the prophecy through the oracle’s grin,
Now all we can do is to wait for the end to begin. 
11:42 p.m.
Tomorrow, will be the last.
Every second that ticks by seems minutes too fast.
Now that the world is ending it's time we stop pretending, 
Let's sit on your roof and watch the asteroid crash.
11:59 p.m.
there won't be one.
3... 2... 1...
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