Dec 13
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I have a deep respect for animals. Something about animals just clicks for me, it feels like they speak to me in their own way. My favorite animals are horses. I have always loved horses, I'm not sure why, but I do know that horses are different from other animals, there are a lot of different types and each and every type are special. My nana and papa have a farm and I love to go there and see the animals. They also have a dog named Strider. Strider is so loving he's irresistible! Whenever I'm at the farm I can't help but sit and pet him.  

Some people just think “animal” when they see any animal. I think “I wonder where they came from? What type of animal is that?” and other things like that. So yea, I would definitely say I love animals, but not only that but I respect and even look up to animals.

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