Dec 13
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The wonders of music

You insert your earbuds into your ears after a rough day and “Truce” by twenty one pilots starts playing. The soft instrumentals and delicate vocals hit you like a splash of warm water. You’re consumed by a sense of love and wantedness that makes you feel like you can survive and keep going.

You feel needed and important, and you are reminded that a new day will come and you will get to try again. You’re reminded that it gets better and that life doesn’t always suck like this. You finally feel accepted and valid and nothing is wrong anymore.

The reason you felt beaten and broken seems so small that it doesn’t matter anymore. You’re not sad because you know it’s going to get better. All of your problems just wash away like a wave smoothing over the sandy beach.

You reset yourself. And you feel better. And now you can go to bed feeling loved and wanted, knowing that tomorrow is going to be better.