Dec 13


Lewis Capaldi's song “Someone you loved” Is about the feelings of heartbreak. This song starts off slowly just like the ending of a relationship. It is slow like your mind after you lost the one you love. It feels as if though everything is okay yet you are just sad. It increases until suddenly all of the feelings hit you at once. You crave to hold this person again, you crave their touch, their voice, and even just their presence. Then it gets intense feelings you need and crave when you can’t get them anymore. It just keeps getting more intense. Then you get calm again, you are okay just sad. You think it's over but then it happens again. You can’t function without them anymore. You are willing to do anything for them. You now remember all of the memories and fun times you shared, you start to feel angry. Then the feeling of love intensifies for them, it gets so intense that you are screaming out till your voice breaks. You have reached your peak. Your own screams catch you off guard and that scream suddenly lets out all of the hatred. You suddenly feel as though you could've stopped this, and it leaves you feeling with regret. As you wallow away slowly you soon hope to be okay.
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