Dec 15
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I am the one who...

I am the person who acts cool with it and honestly is.  I like to show that I don't care about the little things that nag everybody.  Imagine how much time you free up when you let all the small issues go.  I use my time to think thoughts that aren't about matters that bug me, but about things I like to do, and things to make me better.  I like to play basketball, and I will not let a small problem pull me from my interest.  I am the one who hates being distracted when doing an important task. 
I always think, 'Talk to your distracted self like you are talking to someone you dislike.' It definitely works.  During practice, when I start thinking about something that's not basketball, I say to myself, "OMG, shut up, it doesn't matter," and I get back on track.  Time goes too fast to get distracted for too long.  
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