Dec 16
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No Longer Hers To Hold

She carried something invisible to the human eye
Something that made her shoulders sag a bit more each day
Something that made her eyes droopy with tiredness
Yet she kept moving on with that thing in her hands
Going across mountains and over lakes
Never knowing what or where her destination is
And she thought
“I don’t want to feel like this anymore”
And no longer she shall
She came to a realization not too long afterwards
That this weight wasn’t hers to carry in the first place
So now as she crosses mountains
She skips with each step
Sometimes even jumps high enough to touch the clouds drifting by
As for the lakes
The currents seem to have a shine on them that she never saw before
All beautiful and serene 
As she starts to notice the little things 
And take bigger steps
The thing in her hands became lighter
More tolerable than before
And most importantly
She had an idea on where to go 
For the burden is no longer hers to hold

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