Dec 16

The Introverts Chapter One (So far, it's not done yet)

    They didn’t expect it to happen like that. They wondered what life would do to them after. They feared life more than ever. They lived in a world of caution. No one was able to rebuild themselves. They never had the chance. They rebuilt their little area, only to keep them safe. Safe from the outside world. Safe from life itself. Little did they know, they never could protect themselves from him. Nothing held him back. Not even a wall of cement. He walked through everything; and when he decided that a person should be gone, they’re gone. The only thing left of them is their cold, rotting, dead body. No one actually knew he existed, no one except the ones who hid. Four children. They were the only ones who knew about him. 
Chapter One
   The Plane Crash
    Chess. A 16-year-old girl, on her first plane ride ever. She had suffered a great amount of trauma in her life. She understood that more was going to come. She was running. She was running to save herself. Wherever she went something monstrous happened.  She was trying her best to escape him. No matter what she did, something bad would happen to her. Her mother was sitting right next to her, which she wished wasn't true. She had begged her mother not to go with her, but she insisted on coming. She was dreading the moment her mother was going to leave her.  

A few seats down, Orion sat.  A 16-year-old boy. He was also on that plane. He was running too. He was trying to protect himself and everyone he loves. His twin brother and his little sister were on both sides. He feared the worst for both of them. He knew something terrible was going to happen. Something terrible always happened.  He said he was going on a long-term trip for a project for school, alone. His family insisted that his siblings go with him. He didn't have a choice. He wished he did. He would've had them stay home so they wouldn't get hurt. 

Down a couple of rows, Chi was resting. A 14-year-old girl. Running. Protecting herself. She snuck away from her dad at the airport. She made it on without him. She paid for her ticket on purpose. To protect her dad. She loved him. She wasn't ready for him to leave.    Across the row, Kai was shaking. A 15-year-old boy. Running. His best friend right next to him. He couldn't hold back the urge of silent sobs. The only person he loved, was about to leave him. His best friend was asleep on his shoulder. Dreaming, happy dreams. Kai wasn't ready, but he had to be. How else would he survive losing him? He had survived all of his family’s deaths. The monstrous thought of his sister being murdered by Life flashed through his head. It coursed through his mind, playing over and over on rewind. Never turning off, never stopping once. Like a scratched record playing the same line over and over ​again. Not until you force the record to stop. In Kai's case, it was never going to stop, not until Life stopped it. His best friend was closer to him than a brother could ever be. Nothing would stop him from trying to save his friend. 

    A hushed murmur traveled across the plane. As soon as it reached the four teens, the pilot turned on the intercom. “ Passengers, please remain calm as we fix a little jumble in the engine. Everyone, please buckle up because there may be possible shaking. Thank you for flying with International Airways.” Click. The intercom turned off. The murmur transformed into a jumble of shouts, curses, and cries. People were sobbing and running to talk to the pilot, pressing their button for help over and over again, while flight attendants were racing around the plane. All of a sudden the plane starts to rumble, louder and harder than it ever had. With a sudden jolt, the plane fell. Screams flooded the room. Everyone was screaming and crying and fumbling with their seatbelts. No one was able to escape. Out of the panic, the four kids froze up, not able to move. The flight attendants gave up, grabbed their parachutes and jumped out. Passengers were panicking even more now that the only people keeping them calm were gone. The plane hit the ground with a ginormous CRASH. 

They hung there unconscious and upside down for hours before they realized what had happened.         


Chess woke up with sudden panic, panting, looking around her trying to see if anyone was alive. Her vision was blurry due to the blood resting in her face. She fumbled with her seatbelt until it broke loose from her waist. She fell to the ground, her back smacking the roof. She laid there for a second, trying to catch her breath as she analyzed the situation. Attempting to get up again, her ankle got stuck in between the floor and the chairs. While trying to pull her foot out, she cut her ankle, letting out a screech of pain. Her leg released itself and she crawled over to some of the other passengers around. She noticed Orion stir. As she started inching toward him, he woke up. He started freaking out when he noticed her. Talking softly she told him, “Hey calm down, I’m not going to hurt you, I just want to help,” She unbuckled his seatbelt and saved his fall, making sure he didn’t get hurt. “Where am I? Who are you? What..exactly…happened?” Orion stuttered as he studied his surroundings. Chess replied in a calm tone, “I ​don’t know where we are exactly, but the plane crashed and we survived,” Orion looked her dead in the eye, “You didn’t answer my second question” he snapped. “I was getting to that, maybe give me some time. I don’t know if I can trust you yet”

“What do you mean you can’t trust me yet”

“I’ve never been one to trust people right off the bat, too much experience has taught me to never do that again,”

“I guess that is a valid excuse”

    Silence filled the room. They stared at each other as if reading into the other’s memories. Orion looked down at Chess’s ankle. The bottom half of her pants were drenched in blood. His eyes grew wide as he exclaimed, “Oh my gosh your bleeding!” 

    “It’s nothing but a simple cut” Chess calmly stated. Her eyes trailed down to where the blood was leaking from. Orion took immediate action. Swiftly but calmly, he tore a strip of fabric from the sweatshirt tied around his waist. He moved over to where Chess was sitting. She winced as he gently grabbed her ankle. “This might hurt a little bit, I have to add a bit of pressure to slow down the flow of blood.” Orion implied. She frowned when he ripped off the bottom portion of her pant leg. “Take deep breaths while I do this, I need to make sure you don’t pass out from the blood loss”
    As Chess followed Orion’s directions she thought, “Wow, he’s really focused. He could be helpful. He’s also kinda cute. Wait, no, Chess you can’t think those things, they will only lead to worse situations” She stared at him with fascination. When he looked up her face flushed to a color in between bright pink and red. She couldn’t tell if it was blush from embarrassment or something else. “My name’s Chess” She had built up enough trust to at least tell him her name. “What’s the worst he could do,” she thought to herself.

“Oh, so you tell me now?” He replied with a harsh tone, “Well, my name’s Orion” He said, in a kinder tone. Silence followed as Orion finished wrapping up Chess’s wound.