Dec 16

A Hunger Games Parody

The first few days
Tomorrow I hope I'm still alive.
And with luck,
Everyone else will be dead.
And I will come home to be showered with gifts and praise.
I'll never have to be hungry agian.
The next few days
Tomorrow I hope I'll have some water.
Because I'm soo thirsty,
A drop of rain would be the best thing I've ever seen.
And some food wouldn't hurt.
Only five competitors left
Tomorrow I hope I win.
I hope to see my family again,
To hug my little sibling's,
Skinny, hungry bodies.
If I die, they won't survive.
Down to the final three
I hope,
I never sleep,
Such nightmares as these would make me want to die.
But I must,
Soldier on.
These delusions will never stop, even if I win.
Tomorrow will be better,
Tomorrow I h-
Tomorrow I get to see my family again. I will watch their tear streaked faces, making little clean smears on their dirty faces. They won't think how my death means their collective demise, they'll only think of me.
Tomorrow someone will win the games. Tomorrow I hope, someone is happy.