Dec 16
poem 0 comments challenge: Tomorrow
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Tomorrow, I hope
I make someone smile.
I want to bring joy them
for awhile.

This world is cruel; it
suffocates the kind
and unleashes terrors
upon innocent minds.

People are cruel; we
tear each other apart
to raise ourselves up,
ignoring our hearts—

But people are also kind.
We could live in a world
where everyone is treated
as equals, where
we saved our planet
from its looming climate crisis
of our own cause—
We could change our actions
to change our world
so we wouldn't have to hope
every day
that tomorrow would be better
on its own.

Tomorrow, I hope
the world pauses for a moment
so I can catch my breath.
I need to take a break
from all these thoughts
spinning in my head;

The world needs a moment in sync
to listen to the rhythm of our hearts beat—
We've written the song
we need to play,
but now we need to take action