Dec 17

"No, That's It."

also, i don't think you should
leave me here in the icicle 
darkness, with a folding chair
and audience of imaginary friends 
as company. 

also, i'm not done telling you 
everything i have to say-
there's more about how much you
hurt me, there's more about the 
invisible violet spots on my collarbone. 

also, i think you should know
that i will never have enough words-
if i could i would let them spill
out like slashed guts, but my ink
would run over the edges
and the words would get lost
somewhere in the Pacific. 

also, i don't like how you've stopped ignoring me-
i think you should go back to pretending
i don't exist- i especially think that
you should let a deranged possum have a 
sleepover with you-

also. i'm not really looking for revenge. 
i'm not here to be an attacker or all-powerful monarch. 
i'm not here to control you. 
i'm here to tell you one word-

there's so much you just don't know.