Dec 17
poem 0 comments challenge: Burden
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One step after another.
I can’t… 
I can’t go on.
Can’t think
Can’t breath
Can’t see
All I see is black.
All I feel is a heavy weight.
Cinder blocks tied to my ankles.
Why did I do that?
How could I hurt them?
I tried to apologize
To make it better
But, It’s too late
Things can never be the same.
All trust is gone.
And for what?
I fall.
It feels like forever.
Falling into this deep dark hole that is my mind.
There is no living past this point
Life is over
I ruined everything.
But then…
I hear it.
Quiet at first.
But then louder and louder.
A familiar voice.
“I’m here. It’s ok. Breath.”
I run.
As fast as these leaden legs will go
towards the voice.

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