Dec 18
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The Watchers

They watched me squirm, a test subject to their mind
Syringe out, crying, nothing left to find
There is nothing to say, no words, no screams
The tight darkness choking, the path we walk a narrow beam.
Confined by glass, pain arising yet we can see all
Sitting back, screaming inside during our withdrawal
The dark clouds passed and came
The speaking beast no one could tame
All was there, yet no one knew my name
Nor would anyone dare to have words as an aim
The men were coming from the skies
Pests like us as small as flies
We are all here to watch our demise
For they are The Watchers we watch rise

Beaten tears brushed aside
Burnt by hate and needles pressed inside
They watch us struggle for speech
Their endless pain now they leech
They are The Watchers from up above
Come down and words were pulled from our love
An endless cage of a wordless void
We now must wait, sit, cry, always paranoid

Our species considered so rare
Yet now we sit gasping for any fresh air
They took it all from the moment they cameNo one could run faster the endless pain
They whispered lingering words of power as they surge
Come here my child, its the purge

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