Dec 19

nauset beach at dusk

Dark, cold water crashes against the shore

Shallow footprints erased by the waves

Outlying stars reflected on midnight water.

A gentle breeze loops in and out of the tall grass,

Playing hide and seek with the wind.

Aromatic pink and white beach roses perfume the air,

With the indescribable smell of childhood and memories.

To my curious eyes, the world becomes a shadow,

As the Sun prepares itself to retire for the day, giving way to the moon.

Pale, obscure lights travel in the distance,

Moving eerily towards an unknown destination.

Long, forgotten memories come rushing back with the tide

The salt air tickling my nose, gently.

Slowly, the sun slips beneath the choppy waves

Instilling a curtain of impenetrable darkness upon me.

Quiet, peaceful beach, ever-changing yet always the same.

This is where I belong, With the dark, cold waves crashing on the shore.