Dec 19
Emily Van Dyke's picture

I am stronger

Anger in my body

My fingers tapping with the ability to break,

Glass like the heart; frigile, 
but strong.

I wish with everything i could break you
with words from my heart.

You stand there with every trigger i know,

You are not scary, 
my fear tells me.

You are like a flea,
meaningless to me.

You are pathetic, 
and nothing but,

But yet i still but all my energy into,
simply hating you.

I wish i could change,
forget the past,
but i dwell.

I know i am stronger than you,
but you more loved.

Why must it be me, 
being the one looked at as unfair,
while you are  clean.

You have killed my happy,
for years.

But yet, 
i am still

You do not control me,
nor my happy.

My life will count, as i know
yours wont.

You will feel the pain you conflict on my skin,
every day.

I will wait for karma,
her heals big beeper than,
your words.

You do not deserve my time,
it is time for change.

I will keep my energy.