Dec 20
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Dear Greta Thunberg.

Hi. My name is Emma. I know you probably get ten million emails from people telling you how you're an inspiration and yada, yada, yada, (which you are) so I'm not going to do that. Sorry if any of this is offensive. I wish I would be able to skip school to tell people about climate change, but my parents would kill me. Not litterally kill me, they wouldn't do something like that, but they'd be so angry. I heard that kids are the main problem in climate change. We need so much stuff, and all of that's made in factories.

I know you probably know that already, but I still find it confusing. People say that not having kids is the best thing you can do to stop climate change, but wouldn't humans become extinct? Just saying. Because one person dies every minute, so if everyone in the world doesn't have kids, the entire human would be extinct in 7,577,130,400 minutes. So I don't think that's a good idea. People also say that if everyone becomes vegetarian or vegan that would be a huge difference.

But cows would still have to be killed because they release methane gass, so basically hundreds of innocent cows would die anyway. So what's the point of being vegetarian if all the animals we eat die anyway? My sister's vegetarian and she loves animals. She'd be vegan if she didn't want to become a pastry chef once she grows up. I just have two questions. 1. Do you enjoy your job? 2. Are these letters actually being sent to you? 
Climate change is a huge deal for me because I'm in vermont, but there's not a lot of snow here. So it's like, hey universe, what happened?

But it's still freezing. Oh, and congrats for being the Times Person of the Year. Sincerely, Emma