Dec 20
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His Burden

He felt like a burden to all he was around,

He felt this way a lot, whether it was true or not,

Maybe he was blind to his reality, perhaps there was much he was missing,

Regardless, he lived his life in wonder. wondering how much he was blind too,

Or if he was not blind at all,
His feelings were strong, but his dedication to show lack of feeling was stronger. 

He didn’t even understand why he put on such a show,

There was no reason to continue this act. 

But if he revealed his true feelings would that be too revealing?

Would that make people think differently?

Would that differently be negative or positive,

He wished he had the answers. 
He could sense them just beyond his grasp,

His mind was torn, he hated the way he overthinks,

But of course nobody can know that he himself questioned himself,

Why, as far as the people in his life saw it, he knew it all,

But yet, he himself knew least of all. 

He wished more people knew the way he felt,

But he himself hated the way he left. 

He knew that the day he expressed himself,

Would be the day he truly found himself.

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