Dec 20
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A Daily Reminder

Tomorrow I hope for a lot of things

I hope that I get the shoes I want

I hope I get pizza for dinner 
But that isn’t important now is it?

There is something I hope for every day 

Which is for everyone to stop being so mean
As amazing as people are, they can be quite awful too

I hear people every day talking 

And talking 

And talking 

And talking 

What are they talking about?

Let me tell you 
Jess is calling Katie a dumb piece of garbage 

Katie is calling Joe a retard

Joe is saying to Carl that girls are no good for anything besides cooking 

Carl is saying to Brad that he only hooked up with that girl for her body
Sometimes I wish people would stop talking 

Why do these people feel the need to be so mean?
This is your daily reminder to be kind

Don’t talk poorly about someone 

Stop tweeting about your issues with people 

Because as it turns out

People don’t really want to hear the negativity you have to offer 
So before you speak


It’s that simple 

Think to be a good person today.

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