Dec 22

Life, an all too confusing message

I am tied up 
Stings pulling at my heart yet they
Squeeze tighter making it so I cannot breathe.
My eyes have no place to focus on
As the blame gets passed on between each person.
I have felt hate for myself
But what I cannot understand is how you could
Hate me more then I do myself.
How could you give me hell and expect
A thank you as if I was in heaven.
You know, I did try
I swam in the stars I gave them all a second chance
But you,
You always ended up throwing me back to square one.
You pushed me to stutter when he was all I wanted
You silenced my lips when all I needed to do was speak
You made me speak when it was time for silence.
What I did to you, life,
I don’t know.
Maybe, in the end, it was just me hurting my own heart.