Dec 25
poem 0 comments challenge: Choice

Choosing You Over Me

The words echo through me, 
I was torn apart by the decision that I had to make,
The answer was right there,
It's easy,
But the answer shouldn't be so easy,
I wasn't torn about the question,
No, I was just seeing how broken I was,
How could this be so easy,
I knew what the right choice was,
But it felt wrong to choose it,
It didn't feel like that could be the right answer,
I chose the answer that made sense to me,
Any logical person could see,
I should focus on myself,
I should heal myself before I heal you,
I should love myself before I love you,
But I still find myself wanting to choose you
I find myself taking the sheet
I read it over once again and then I sign it,
I'll give my life to you,
I'll choose you over me.