Dec 28
poem 0 comments challenge: CJP-Home

Here's To My Town

Here's to the town that raised me.
I may be leaving, but I'll come back one day.

Here's to the playground that sparked my imagination.
Here's to the girl I befriended because we both were by the Legos.
Here's to the three flights of stairs we had to climb in 5th grade.
Here's to that first book that made me addicted to reading.
Here's to the class clown that wanted to marry me in kindergarten.
Here's to the teachers who believed in me despite not believing in myself.
Here's to the boy who always knew when I needed a hug.
Here's to the art room where the misfits fit in.
Here's to my best friend who's on her own journey now.
Here's to the boy I never stopped thinking about.
Here's to my theater geeks: 'May the world be your stage.'
Here's to my math teacher who let me read in class.
Here's to the soccer team that I actually liked.
Here's to the kids who looked up to me because I was older.
Here's to my class of outcasts and losers.
Here's to the town library, or should I say our afterschool hangout.
Here's to all the fun the science nerds had in a snowy forest.
Here's to our field trips that made us happy just for leaving school grounds.
Here's to all the people I think about but never talked to.
Here's to all the inside jokes I can no longer share.
Here's to all the memories I've made with the unlikeliest of people.
Here's to the town that I hate so much that I love.