Jan 01


In the morning

The sun

Yearns for my waking eyes

The breeze is as mellow as my breath

That appears on the window

As if to greet me

In the morning

With a reminder

That i am alive

I relish in the softness

Of the blankets

That entrap my legs

Like vines

Pulling me against the bed

Keeping me in comfort.
In the afternoon

The light is enticing 

But the cold penetrates my skin

And dives beneath my clothes

Every hair stands up

In a rush

That travels to my head

And i am reminded

Where i am

May it be behind a desk


Or sat on the floor

Back against the wall

Sun shining through a glass door

Against my face

The light is so enticing.
In the evening

My eyes grow sore

As the light dims 

And the mountains become silhouettes 

Against the sky

I find myself growing restless

As my energy seems to leave with the light

And the fluorescents above me are not a

Worthy replacement

Words become jumbled 

Quarters, pennies, dimes

They all look the same

I long for the sheets of my bed

To entrap me

Once more

Like a cocoon

And i hold that thought

Until we reunite.
In the night

The cold returns

Harsher than before

And my fingers struggle to grip my keys

As I gaze at the empty sky

Snow crunching below me

The stars

Would give me

A small glimmer of hope

But they are drowned

By those stupid



And I watch the faint patterns

Of the trees

Rush past me

As my day

Is almost over

And my tired eyes

Yearn for the sun

Once more.