Jan 03

paper ribbons

paper ribbons 
forming rivers 
of thought
maple leaves
dried and pressed betwixt pages of time
in the folds of my mind
wordless explanations
and insufferable rhymes
growing from tree roots
are ideas
thoughts bringing water
and freshening leaves
my mind is a greenhouse 
a garden of life
hidden inside
a layer of strife
and overwhelming darkness
that leaks out from time to time
is this wonderful garden 
trapped, frozen 
where the pixie lights linger
and i learn how to live
inside my mind
is the gift I've been given 
the ink 
that flows in my veins 
and paint
that layers my skin
create lines
and color
fading in 
and out of sanity
showing me things
I'm not sure I was meant to see
as letters leave my hand
and paint springs onto a canvas
my mind starts to surface
for others to notice.