Jan 05


Is a legend 
A mystical work of art
The lonely, lovely lady
With the long, long hair
And that is all
Rapunzel is nothing 
Without her hair.

Is possibly the most sought after woman
In fairytale history
The -highly available- beauty 
With the long, long hair
But that is all.

Was supposed to be perfect
The charming piece of divinity 
The ever-loyal mistress of men 
Sitting patiently at the top of her tower
Combing her long, long hair
But truly, that is all.

Now let me ask you this 
What is Rapunzel 
Without her hair?
And the answer
Is that Rapunzel is nothing 
But a mask of fake femininity
The lonely, lovely lady
With the long, long hair.

About the Author: flowersinherhair
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