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My Friendship Story

My first long term friendship began in kindergarten. I was going into kindergarten and there was a girl named Isabella. We didn’t talk at first. Then our teacher Ms. Lantman put us together as partners. I said “hi”to her. She didn’t respond to me. Then, we just did the work without talking. 

When we finished our work we handed it to the Ms. Lantman. 

She said “good job.”

We said “thank you.” We got to have choice time. 

I asked Isabella, “Do you want to play? 

She said, “maybe.”  We then both played with the kitchen. Ms. Lantman said it was time for lunch. We all got ready for lunch.

I asked Isabella “ Can I sit at lunch with you?”

 She replied, “yeah.” 

We then had recess after lunch. She asked me to play with her. We played every day after that. 

Then on the first day of first grade we saw each other and played together. We did everything together for the next few years. Then, when we got into sixth grade she said that she was moving to Poultney. I was excited and sad at the same time. I felt on the inside sad and scared to not have any friends at school. But on the outside I showed that I was excited for her. She moved and I was sad. 

Then, I found a new friend. Her name is Jessica. She is 12 years old like me. She is new to this school. I like her. We do everything that Isabella and I used to do. I am still best friends with Isabella. We see each other every other weekend and any time I’m in Poultney. My mom lives in Poultney so I am there every weekend.

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